Introducing: Realms of Ethernity

Wild Thunder Game Studio and XYYZY proudly present Realms of Ethernity (RoE) — a World of Warcraft-inspired, Web3, Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) teeming with hundreds of play-to-earn games.



RoE is a rich third-person open-world experience with a strong focus on strategy. In this rapidly expanding universe, you can enjoy various activities featured in a classic MMORPG: explore treacherous dungeons, seek out lost treasures and prove your worth in stirring action combat.


And there's a lot more.


RoE will allow game creators and players to own parts of the world, mint their own NFTs equipment for immersive playing experience, and have their say on the future of the platform. Best of all, they’ll be able to profit from their hard work with the main utility token of the platform - $RETH.



How is that possible? 


Players can earn the in-game coins by completing quests, combining them with knowledge and playing experience to craft unique game assets as NFTs. These powerful items can be used in the game, sold on the marketplace to exchange for real money, or even embedded in third-party games and tools. The same applied to the NFTs in form of special attributes and in-game lands which give players exceptional advantages and benefits to get ahead in the game. Providing players real ownership over in-game items with blockchain is what separates RoE from other mainstream games. 


Set to become the first decentralized MMORPG, RoE aims to bring blockchain into mainstream gaming, attracting both crypto and non-crypto game enthusiasts. We do this by offering players the advantages of true ownership, digital scarcity, monetization capabilities, and interoperability. 


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