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As we head towards the presale of avatar customization in upcoming months, it’s now the perfect time to get yourself familiar with the 12 distinct species in Realms of Ethernity. That said, before we dive into the specifications and special features, here’s a brief overview of the history of each race. Skip it if you want, but if you are a lore junkie just like us, this blog post series will surely hit the spot!
Today, we continue our exploration into the Races available in Realms of Ethernity, delving into the history and culture of the Dwarves, the oldest race of the Ether. If you missed the Elves lore, you can check it out here, and find the Humans lore here.

“A few million years ago, Naamr and Ugatha arrived in an empty space, what we know today as the observable universe. And they brought with them the sacred seeds that contained their offspring. Among them, four were especially powerful, endowed with the magic that created the first stars, awakening the universe. These hatched into Four Greats, also known as The Four - a brood of divine dragons possessing the untold power of the four elements: fire, water, air, and earth. For many thousands of years the dragons clashed; their countless battles shaped the world by means of creation and destruction, forming plains, oceans, mountains, volcanoes, continents... In the chaos of battle, a new world was being born. A world that shouldered the hopes of Naamr and Ugatha. 

The world… of Ethernity.



The Dwarves are the oldest race of Ether and the creators of early civilizations. There were once superior Dwarven civilizations such as the Deep Dwarf - the first one to discover the Dark Ore. The three dwarven subraces are Sagor Dwarves, Aragyn Dwarves and Teikal Dwarves.



The Sagor is known as the earliest Dwarf of their kind and the earliest of the four dominant races in Ethernity. They worship Kurtur, the Earth Dragon, and have the most leading magicians in earth magic. The Sagors laid the foundations of their civilization in the rich Lake Lands and Kentral, building their capital at Turyl Mountains. Known as the first civilized race and a strikingly powerful one, the Sagor is widely revered by many other races. They traversed the Lake Lands and Kentral to build settlements, imparting their skills and knowledge to the races they deemed worthy, typically Humans. 


For a long time, the Sagors were known as one of the most powerful races of Ethernity. However, their position was shaken by the arrival of the Deep Dwarves, who brought with them mysterious technologies and quickly rose to prominence. Though welcomed by other races, the Deep Dwarves were faced with open hostility from the Sagors. Part of this animosity might have come from a wounded pride, but the Sagors claimed to perceive the newcomer as an imminent threat to the world - a dark and unpredictable entity.


A violent war soon broke out between the two clans, with the Deep Dwarves winning the battle. The defeated were driven out of their homeland and ended up on Exile Island, leaving ruins everywhere they’d gone. Disgusted by the "naiveness" and "ingratitude" of other races mesmerized by the Deep Dwarves and their artifacts, the Sagors became more unapproachable, no longer trusting others as they used to. They kept their way of life and thinking for a long time, even after the disappearance of the Deep Dwarves from the world. They established outposts on Exile Island and expanded their territory deeper into the Rokuul continent in search for more resources for their tribe. 


To survive in this harsh new land, Sagor Dwarf acquired new characteristics just like those of the natives - they became more belligerent and pragmatic. Armed with advanced technology, armors, weapons and new combat skills, the Sagor tribe easily crushed the resistance of many of the indigenous races, although limited in number. Many small clans of species such as Stone Orc, Carnisar, Kenar and Malbam were exiled by the Sagor legions. Their greatest success was the capture of Kassertar Mountains where they established a massive fortress. Though later driven back to the south of the Kassertar Mountains by Stone Orc legions, the Sagors retained their influence and became one of the most formidable forces on the continent. For many years, disputes constantly occured between the two clans, especially in the mountains of Kassertar. While the Sagor’s chief aim was to conquer the entire mountain range and exploit its rich, valuable resources, the Stone Orcs yearned to regain their lost land. 


Dolhm’s arrival caused the two clans to cease war and begin to cooperate, though somewhat reluctantly. However, animosity between the two resumed after the defeat of the Dolhm and especially after the Battle of Divisius, when the land became more arid and resource-deprived. The Sagor Dwarves continued to expand their territory by digging deep into the mountains and underground in search of groundwater. 


Today, an alliance has been formed between the Sagors and their fellow Aragyns. Together, they continue to thrive and stand their ground in the war against other races at Rokuul. 

 Our initial inspiration for the Sagors. This artwork is for reference purposes only



The Aragyns are remnants of the Sagor clan in the Lake Lands. They took cover in the Umbr Mountains for long periods of time and gradually settled there, establishing a new kingdom and changing their name to Aragyn – meaning “Rebirth” in their native language. From the very beginning of the establishment, the Aragyns were faced with many hardships, having to fight with ferocious native creatures in the mountains south of the Umbr. While expanding their territory to the north, they came in contact with the Mountain Elves and the two races soon developed animosity towards each other as they competed for territory and occupation. The constant hostility eventually led to a bloody war with the Aragyns being defeated and banished from the Umbr Mountains.


Since then, the Aragyn Dwarves lived in exile, constantly being driven away by other races who had taken over more fertile and livable lands. They eventually settled in remote swamps, rivers, and shores south of the Lake Lands. Here, they learned to adapt to the new environment and way of life, gradually becoming sailors, explorers and merchants. Their personalities also changed as they became more sociable and approachable than other Dwarves. Because of their history, the Aragyn Dwarves worshiped both Kurtur, the Earth Dragon revered by all Dwarves, and Tuup the Water Dragon who patronized their present and future way of life. For that reason, the Aragyn proved to be proficient in both earth and water magic.


 Our initial inspiration for the Aragyns. This artwork is for reference purposes only



The Teikal tribe was formed from groups of the Sagor Dwarves who wandered to Scorchstone Realm after losing their battle with the Deep Dwarves. 


Arriving at Scorchstone, these Sagor Dwarves had to change their way of life to cope with the harshness of this barren land. Harsh climate, savage predators and aggressive inhabitants of the Fulgrim volcano made for a virtually unbearable habitat to live. Without the help of the Askins, the Dwarves would have been completely annihilated living in such appalling conditions. To repay their kindness, the Sagors decided to settle in Scorchstone and become allies with the Ashkins. They adopted a new name Teikal - meaning "to twin" in their language. 


A transformation took place in both Teikal’s appearance and traditions, as a result of years of cultural exchange with the Ashkin people. At Scorchstone Realm, they also found the most ideal environment for blacksmithing – rare minerals and active volcanoes, making Teikal artifacts a household name due to their distinguished quality.


The Teikals and the Ashkins soon became sworn brothers. Through ups and downs, this bond became increasingly stronger, especially at the appearance of the Dolhm. They formed a united state ruled by a council with representatives from both races. The two nations have survived to this day, despite various hardships in the Scorchstone Realm. 


 Our initial inspiration for the Teikals. This artwork is for reference purposes only


Stay tuned for more in-depth information on the races available in Realms of Ethernity along with news and updates as we head toward the presale of avatar customisation and beyond. 

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