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As we head towards the presale of avatar customization in upcoming months, it’s now the perfect time to get yourself familiar with the 12 distinct species in Realms of Ethernity. That said, before we dive into the specifications and special features, here’s a brief overview of the history of each race. Skip it if you want, but if you are a lore junkie just like us, this blog post series will surely hit the spot!
"A few million years ago, Naamr and Ugatha arrived in an empty space, what we know today as the observable universe. And they brought with them the sacred seeds that contained their offspring. Among them, four were especially powerful, endowed with the magic that created the first stars, awakening the universe. These hatched into Four Greats, also known as The Four - a brood of divine dragons possessing the untold power of the four elements: fire, water, air, and earth. For many thousands of years the dragons clashed; their countless battles shaped the world by means of creation and destruction, forming plains, oceans, mountains, volcanoes, continents... In the chaos of battle, a new world was being born. A world that shouldered the hopes of Naamr and Ugatha. The world… of Ethernity."


In this ever-changing world of Ethernity, there will be four races for players to select as a starting base for their avatar: Humans, Dwarves, Orcs and Elves. Each of them, in turn, has three different subraces for players to pick from, taking the total options up to 12 unique species. 


This article features Humans, those whose distinct intelligence had allowed them to expand their fields and farms, improve their settlements, and build bustling cities, becoming the most knowledgeable race about operating a society.


As one of the main races of the Ether whose ancient origin is in the small seeds that Ugatha planted in this new universe, humans are species with average stature. Their height ranges from 1.60m to 1.80m. Their lifespan is around 70-80 years old. The outstanding feature of humans is their adaptability and strong will to live. Depending on the region of growth, humans have different appearances.


The three human subraces are Skyborn, Ashkin, and Sufang.



Concentrating on Float East and Cape Milvus, Skyborns were originally rehabilitated by the Dolhms to serve the experiments that brought humans to live on floating islands. Without an innate ability to use magic, they’ve learned to combine magic with scientific and technical knowledge inherited from the Dolhms to compensate for such weakness.  


After the fall of the Dolhm Empire, the Skyborn people did not hurry to settle on the flying islands. It was not until the demise of the Surfang, and the Holylight Empire began to expand their dominance and raged wars on other kingdoms that they rushed to prepare for settlement on these islands. 


Such undertaking was arduous. With the Empire attacking from below and the Daikins from above, the Skyborn’s creativity was put to the test. They succeeded in creating ranged weapons like pistols and muskets, as well as mechanical skeletons that enhanced their less muscular physique. After settling down, they optimized these devices and created human-controlled flying machines that simulate Dolhm's mechanics, which was well applied to trade. 


Male Steampunk Concept Art from Darkness Rises

 Our initial inspiration for the Skyborn. This artwork is for reference purposes only.



The Ashkin people, belonging to the original genus of humans, have the longest history in Ethernity. Their ancestors descended from the fertile land of the center of Ether, the Kentral region. From there they spread out across the continent, encountering other races along the way. An Ashkin branch went north up Scorchstone, another settled at Kentral. 


The Ashkin are strong, resourceful and sociable so they quickly formed settlements with other races in Kentral. The central region where the Ashkins lived soon prospered and became crowded, welcoming migrants of historical ethnic wars.


Tragedy struck, however, as an extremely powerful entity called Dolhm arrived, invading the fertile land of Kentral and renaming it to Dhamian. A number of Ashkin Kentrals fled north to seek help from their brothers at Scorchstone. The Ashkin Scorchstones assembled a sizable force against the Dolhm concentration camps and rescued their brethren. In the end, their lack of military force propelled them to retreat and eventually settled on Scorchstone. Later on, they joined forces with the Teikal to create a united kingdom on Scorchstone, laying the groundwork for the revolution against the Dolhm. 


Clip Art Female Orc Fantasy Character - Lineage 2 Female Orc, HD Png  Download , Transparent Png Image - PNGitem

 Our initial inspiration for the Askin. This artwork is for reference purposes only.



One of the first settlers to the fertile Lake Lands was Surfang people. Thanks to bountiful agriculture, their civilization developed by leaps and bounds, making them prey to neighboring powerful clans. Thus, for the Surfang, defending their land is as integral as developing the civilization built upon it. For thousands of years, their kingdom, Dai Nam, went to bloody war against the three-eyed Chin people of the North and the great Harpy Amer of Umbr Mountain. Sporadic conflicts also persisted as they expanded southward with Moonkin and Mediuse.


When the war between Harpy Amers and Mountainkins broke out, Surfang people became the Mountainkin’s staunchest ally. Together they defeated the Amer, forcing them to retreat to their ancestral lands, Turyl. Following the victory, an intimate and honorable alliance was forged between both clans. 


For the next hundreds of years, the rise of the Imperial has propelled Surfang people and the Mountainkin into great suffering. Millions of Surfangs were massacred at the hands of Elarian's faceless priests and Rokuul crusaders. Dai Nam was completely annihilated. Their descendants escaped to the Guardian Mountain and lived in caves rehabilitated from the outskirts of the ancient Aragyn kingdom. Ever since, Surfang people have harbored a deep antagonism towards the Empire and its allies, yearning for an opportunity to reclaim their ancestral kingdom. 

heletrar-character-f - Tumblr blog | Tumgir

 Our initial inspiration for the Surfang. This artwork is for reference purposes only.


Stay tuned for more in-depth information on the races available in Realms of Ethernity along with news and updates as we head toward the presale of avatar customisation and beyond. 

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