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As we head towards the presale of avatar customization in upcoming months, it’s now the perfect time to get yourself familiar with the 12 distinct species in Realms of Ethernity. That said, before we dive into the specifications and special features, here’s a brief overview of the history of each race. Skip it if you want, but if you are a lore junkie just like us, this blog post series will surely hit the spot!

This week we conclude our series about the history and lore behind the races in Realms of Ethernity with the Orcs. While they may be last, these savage and fearless warriors are certainly not least. Don’t forget to visit the previous lores for the Humans, Elves, and Dwarves in case you missed any of them.


“A few million years ago, Naamr and Ugatha arrived in an empty space, what we know today as the observable universe. And they brought with them the sacred seeds that contained their offspring. Among them, four were especially powerful, endowed with the magic that created the first stars, awakening the universe. These hatched into Four Greats, also known as The Four - a brood of divine dragons possessing the untold power of the four elements: fire, water, air, and earth. For many thousands of years the dragons clashed; their countless battles shaped the world by means of creation and destruction, forming plains, oceans, mountains, volcanoes, continents... In the chaos of battle, a new world was being born. A world that shouldered the hopes of Naamr and Ugatha. 

The world… of Ethernity.”


Orcs are proud and skilled warriors. Their society, formed from nomadic tribes spread across the prairies of Rokuul to the scorching land of Fulgrim, put a great emphasis on the values of family and honor. Orc civilization was born out of war, with countless foes and friends wherever they set foot on. Their insatiable curiosity and recklessness made the Orcs a significant contributor to the creation of the Ether as we know it today. 



Stone Tribe

The Stone tribe is an Orc clan formed in the Great Prairie of Rokuul long ago. Here they shaped a nomadic lifestyle following the changes of the steppe. Small clans of ten to fifteen families with herds of livestock kept moving along the grasslands of Rokuul and then returning to the big caves during the winter, as grass started to wither and cold, biting winds blew from the South. To survive in this vast expanse filled with uncertainty, the Stone Orcs had forged an extraordinary strength through generations of fighting off predators in the savanna. When attacked by a common enemy, a great level of mutual trust allowed them to put aside their hostility towards each other to join forces and defend themselves. 


The Stone Orcs kept their tradition of building mighty kingdoms deep in the mountain until the arrival of the Sagor Dwarves in Rokuul. The Sagors, banished from Kentral and the Lake Lands after losing their war with the Deep Dwarves, migrated from Exile Island to Rokuul and clashed with the Stone Orcs. Being small in number, the Stone Orc clans lost Mount Kassetar and the Winter Cave to the modern and organized armies of the Sagors. The first Khartun of the Orcs, Eaun the First, summoned all the clans in the region in opposition to the Sagors, eventually succeeded in driving them south and recapturing the Winter Cave. Since then, hostility was constantly felt between the two tribes. That said, confronting a technologically superior race like the Sagors had made the Stone people become more adaptive and mobile in their warfare tactics. Years later when the Dolhm expanded west, they were faced with many challenges caused by the Stone Orc guerrillas and their ambush tactics. 


After the Battle of Divisius, the climate of Rokuul was heavily altered and became a semi-desert until generations of Khartun improved it by searching for flying islands. Today, the Stone people settle in the oases created below those islands, but still maintain the nomadic lifestyle as before. Stone's Striders spread out in all directions in search of islands where grasslands and bodies of water are available. They settled there with their clans until the end of the grazing season and afterwards returned to their former territory waiting for the next journey.


Khartun reigned in the Winter Cave at Albayt where many other clans came to pay tribute and show their loyalty. Around the Winter Cave and the foot of Mount Kassentar, Stone Orcs gathered to develop agriculture and dark ore mining.


Magma Tribe

After the Creation of the Ether, a branch of Rokuul Orcs heard Rangan's call and set out to the scorching land up north. There they found the Fire Dragon, wounded and swarmed by scavengers, and decided to sacrifice themselves to save Rangan. To repay the nameless heroes, the Fire Dragon gave them his blood - the blood that transformed the unknown Orcs into the mighty Magma Tribe – the Worshipers of Rangan.


As centuries passed, the Magmas, living in seclusion around Mount Fulgrim, still fought with Rangan's enemies from the Rift while paying little attention to the trivial conflicts raging on the continent. When the Ashkins and the Teikals occupied the continent, the Magma Tribe remained faithful to the defense of Fulgrim and the Rift. Though known as dry and stoic creatures, the Magmas had never demanded other races to worship Rangan nor expelled these tribes from Scorchstone to retain their monopoly. They diligently guarded the world from dangers inconceivable to other races. 


Tragedy struck with the arrival of the Dolhm. These barbarians and daredevils came for Rangan, driving the Magma Tribe into the most destructive war of the entire world of Ethernity. The Dolhm's attacks on Mount Fulgrim were broken one after another, but also dealt the Magmas a crushing blow from which it was almost impossible for them to recover. Their warriors were killed and sent to the eternal fire of Mount Fulgrim. Suffered from heavy losses, the Magmas returned to their duties and withdrew from the world after the end of the war.


Turiak Clan

Turiak is one peculiar race in Ethernity. Since arriving in the Ether, the Turiaks have chosen sides and equated themselves with the mighty Orcs by many racial characteristics. They neither believed nor denied the creation myth of the Ether. For Turiak, existence is more important than anything.


Known as the most fragmented and also the most meddlesome tribe, one could see them - the irritable and reckless little beings - on every side in every war. They tried to restore some of their advanced technology and use it as their strength, but it was of little use compared to the magic of the Ether. That said, Turiaks possessed an uncanny strength that goes beyond their small stature, allowing many of them to follow the footstep of the Orc warriors and quickly becoming "comedians" on the battlefield.


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