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Realms of Ethernity is a free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG) filled with hundreds of immersive and action-packed play-to-earn games powered by blockchain technology. 

Imagine a WoW-inspired open world powered by blockchain technology where both the developers and the gamers can build, own and monetize the entire gaming experience.


Welcome to the Realms of Ethernity!


In this rapidly expanding universe, players can enjoy various activities featured in any other classic MMORPGs, e.g explore treacherous dungeons, seek out lost treasures, and prove their worth in stirring action combat.  There are limitless possibilities of things to do: you can become a fearless fighter, a skilled crafter, an avid explorer, or a curious detective,… Anything you can imagine once entering the realms. 



Similar to other RPGs, the game primarily focuses on character progression, in which players complete quests and earn in-game gold coins to level up their character. With thousands of public and hidden quests in dungeons guarded by monstrous creatures, players may even risk their lives in exchange for gold coins or prized chests of valuable NFT items. Realms of Ethernity (RoE) allows players to customize their very own character avatar as an NFT (or Non-Fungible Token). Each avatar is integrated with a wallet, or persistent inventory to securely store the NFTs gained.

As an MMO, the game encourages players to work together or engage in various battle modes (PvP, MOBA, Clan, and Kingdom War…). To turbocharge the characters, you can craft, buy or trade many in-game non-fungible items like collectibles, weapons, and even special attributes from a built-in marketplace. The more effort you put into playing this game, the more chances you get to create valuable assets as tradable NFTs yourself. 


Along your journey, you can buy, build, and expand your own kingdoms. Kingdom owners can start wars to conquer other kingdoms and collect taxes from all activities within the owned lands.


Finally, RoE will be released in seasons with a given premise for the very first season. The ultimate ending of each season is expected to be a Kingdom or a Nation war. How each season ends will be determined by players, and this very ending will lead to the start of the next season.

In other words, players will be the ones who write the next chapters for Realms of Ethernity! 



This unique MMORPG gets its name from its portals, gateways to other realms that connect many different universes. We are building a game where any independent organizers can launch their games within the RoE platform, providing them with ready-made NFT gaming integration. Players can seamlessly move from one world to the other using their RoE Wallet, which will track their NFTs, in-game cryptocurrencies, and any progress/achievements they have gained within the metaverse.



By introducing a wide variety of races for players to choose from, we also let players control the appearance of their avatars (based on the race's fundamental traits) and create their unique appearance, as well as base attributes of their character upon starting the game. Once completed, these avatars will be minted as NFTs and the created 3D characters will be validated for in-game adventures.


The avatar customization feature will first be released in our presale session(s) in the upcoming time. A certain number of sub-races to select for avatar base will only be available in these session(s).


Land Ownership

When exploring the boundless worlds of RoE, players are able to buy, build, and truly own houses, as well as land anywhere possible on the map. Houses can be customized with up to three stories tall and roof, making four stories in total, used to store items and take refuge with friends and fellow clan members.


Land ownership inside RoE ranges from possessing a public construction to an area of unoccupied (or even occupied) land, and eventually ruling a whole continent! Landowners can collect tax from any activities within the territory. The more developed the territory, the higher the tax is collected. This also means that war can be ignited between players, clans, and even kingdoms to conquer other lands for fiscal profits and resources. In case of a land war, taxes collected from the territory will be divided equally among the alliance occupying the territory until the end of the occupation. 




‘Destiny’ is a premium feature that opens up greater storylines to players who own it. 


A destiny is technically a set of unique quests and/or special attributes, independent from the main quest system, with premium rewards and benefits tied to it once completed. It shows players a defined path to achieve certain goals and success in the game.


 Initially, there will be three typical lines of destiny that players can buy:

  • Legendary destiny: including (but not limited to) King/Queen destiny.

  • Epic destiny: including (but not limited to) Lord destiny, Outlaw destiny, Treasure Hunter destiny, Scholar destiny, Detective destiny.

  • Rare destiny: including (but not limited to) Rare Strength, Agility, and Magic destiny.


Destiny will be sold as a ’Lucky box’ before the game is released in $RETH, limited in amount and rates. 


Once destiny(-es) is purchased, the owners can assign it to their character or resell to other players for $RETH. 


Combat Modes 

Combat plays a central role in any MMOs. Likewise, it is one of the four core values of Realms of Ethernity, which are Explore, Battle, Community, and Earn. 


Once players enter the game, they will fight creeps and monsters on the map, known as PvE. Then the higher level of combat is between players and players (PvP), between clans and parties (MOBA). And the ultimate concept for battle in RoE will be a massive war among nations. 


Different types of battles will reward players with different values of gold coins, special equipment/wearables, rare materials to huge fortunes.


The chart below illustrates the four main combat modes in RoE



Life/Death System 

When your character dies in-game, you will become a ghost. To bring your character back to life, you must be resurrected. This can be done by traveling to the obelisks located in neighboring residential areas.


Bond System  

Communities, as one of the core traits that define the success of an MMO, will be built and consolidated over time. To enhance it, we introduce the Bond feature, a way to co-work with other players to complete quests in a team (such as killing bosses, mining, farming,...) and split the rewards


Certain quests and dungeons could prove too hard to face alone, thus the help of the bandmates will be priceless to get through those high-level adventures. 


The bond system also makes it easy and transparent for parties in terms of splitting the hard-earned fortunes: any division will come automatically and systematically as negotiated when the bond is formed. Bond founders can even invest in upgrading for other players to empower the whole team. 


This special feature is made for players who don't have much time to spend discovering the game on their own, or for groups of friends that crave to explore the game altogether. 


Attributes System

Every RoE Avatar has three core attributes: might, agility, and determination.


Your character will have 150 points to allocate among these three, but you can only devote a maximum of 80 points to a single attribute. Racial bonuses can help you soar higher, though.



This core attribute determines your max HP, how damaging your blows are, and how much inventory you can carry. It will be key for barbarian/fighter type of player strategies, as they will need both the increased HP and the heavy melee damage output.



This core attribute determines your dodge/parry chance, how fast you can perform actions, your base speed, and also your damage with weapons that have the "finesse" characteristic. Players hoping to use a monk/rogue kind of strategy should consider allocating lots of points to this attribute.



This attribute is a mystical representation of your character's force of will. It will determine your resistance to crippling effects (poison, paralysis, frost, etc...), but also how proficient you are at magically modifying reality to your wishes. It takes a strong will to influence reality in such a way. Professional spellcasters are usually very determined.


Criminality System 

When you steal, attack or kill another player, you become a wanted criminal. Your name becomes orange colored. If you are in town, the guards may be called to capture/kill you. Other players will be allowed to kill you with no criminal penalty themselves. The orange badge and criminal status will disappear after 15 minutes.


If you murder three people in less than a week, your name will go blood red. This red badge will indicate that you’re a murderer, and players will be able to attack you on sight with no criminal penalty themselves. The red badge is harder to shake, as it takes three days without killing anyone to go away.


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