Realms of Ethernity FAQs

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Realms of Ethernity. (Last update: Q1/2022)

Q: What is Realms of Ethernity?

A: Imagine a World of Warcraft-inspired open world, now built with blockchain technology where players can truly own their inventory and earn real cash from their gaming experience…

Inside Realms of Ethernity, players can interact with the game just like any other classic MMORPGs, e.g explore dungeons, kill monsters for rewards or battle with other players… The open world of RoE brings to players limitless possibilities of things to do: they can become a fighter, a crafter, an explorer, or a detective to solve mysteries… Anything they can imagine once players enter the realms.

Special in-game assets as NFT are minted along the way that bring advancements to players. They can be crafted, bought or sold on the marketplace.

Along their journey, players can buy, build, and expand their own kingdoms. Kingdom owners can start wars to conquer other kingdoms and collect tax from all activities within the owned lands.

Communities, as one of the core traits that defines the success of an MMO, will be built and consolidated upon time. The ultimate ending of each season is expected to be a Kingdom or a Nation war. How each season ends will be determined by players, and this very ending will lead to the start of the next season.

Bottom line: A blockchain-powered World of Warcraft – inspired MMORPG like never before.


Q: What devices are supported and what are the specs?

A: PC, released as a standalone game, install-and-play.

Requirement specifications for client computer (tentative)

●          OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)

●          Processor: Intel Core i5-6500 3.2GHz

●          Memory: 8 GB RAM

●          Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970, AMD RX 480

●          Network: Broadband Internet connection

●          Storage: 60 GB available space

●          Additional Notes: Screen Resolution: 1920x1080 or higher


Q: Is Realms of Ethernity Free to Play?

A: Users can play RoE without paying any initial fees. They can freely explore the maps of RoE, complete quests or fight bosses. However, users who equip themselves with NFT assets (e.g. unique avatars with rare-race base, or high-level equipment/wearables, destiny, lands, etc) will have more perks and power, as well as more chances of minting NFT items of even more values to sell on the marketplace.


Q: How do we start playing?

A: RoE will be released as a standalone PC application downloaded from our website, players just run the file and play.


Q: What is a Destiny? Can you explain a bit more about it?

A: Destiny is an NFT unique set of attributes or quest system with premium rewards; it will lead players to greater storylines than non-destiny players. For example, we will have a King destiny, a Treasure Hunter destiny, or an Outlaw destiny etc… with certain sets of quests to follow and ending. The destiny will be sold as a ’Lucky box’ (you don’t know which destiny you will get) before the game's release in $RETH and in limited numbers. Destiny owners can assign it to their character or resell to other players for $RETH, just like any other NFTs in RoE.


Q: Do we need to purchase/own NFT to play?

A: No. You can play this game for free but will have fewer choices and optimizations to start with. Owning NFT items will allow you to experience the game to the fullest and the exchange-for-real-cash ability in our marketplace.


Q: Elaborate more perks for purchasing/crafting higher level items?

A: High-level items will give you more power in game (thus more chances to mint for more NFTs). From level 50 upwards, players are able to craft high-level items. However, crafting these items shall not be easy as their recipes require time spent on searching and certain amount of precious ingredients (including gems and rare materials).


Q: Can we own/purchase multiple NFTs?

A: Yes. NFT items either purchased or minted will stay in a persistent inventory for players. You can own, purchase, use multiple NFT items.


Q: How much does an NFT cost and when can we buy it? Is there any early bird offer?

A: Different NFT items will have different prices (in $RETH). Players can even decide/stake/bargain for the best price for the special items they created.

There will be a certain amount of NFT assets and bundles we sell before the game release - consider them as early bird offers.


Q: How many Maximum NFTs total in existence? Or is there any Cap?

A: Any assets created in RoE are NFTs, either normal assets or special one. Before the game is released, a limited set of valuable NFTs will be available to purchase for a limited time. For each season when the game is released, the maximum valuable NFTs will depend on the players’ creation via crafting on marketplace (keeping in mind that it requires certain precious ingredients to craft those, and the allocation of ingredients are determined).


Q: What are the features we have in game & can you elaborate more on those?

A: Apart from having same traits as any classic MMORPG games, e.g explore dungeons, kill monsters for rewards or battle with other players, RoE will be introduced with:

-           Currency system designed for P2E: with in-game gold coins rewards (uncapped yet regulated) and $RETH (token, capped, for buying-selling NFTs and staking)

-           Destiny: a set of attributes and a different quest system with premium rewards tied to its ending.

-           Ability to craft valuable NFT items.

-           Land Ownership: Players can buy, build lands and expand into kingdoms. Kingdoms can start wars and conquer other kingdoms. Land owners can collect tax from activities within the territory.

-           Bond:  premium feature to connect with 5 other players to explore the game and split the rewards. Bond founders can even invest in consumables, equipment and more… for their players to empower the team.

-           Treasure: There are many hidden treasures scattered around the worlds of RoE to uncover. Their contents are greatly valued in $RETH.

-           Hidden and secret quests: Apart from the public quests any players can do, RoE is filled with even more hidden and secret quests. The rewards of solving these quests are valued depending on the complexity of the search process.

-           Game season: RoE will be released in seasons. The ultimate ending of a season is expected to be a massive Kingdom or Nation war, and it will lead to the start of the very next season.


Q: How long will each season last?

A: We expect each season to last for one year.


Q: Will there be any other option to play and earn other than participating in seasons?

A: Yes. There are multiple ways of earning without following the main quests of game seasons, either by freely exploring the world to discover hidden treasures, completing hidden quests and or by participating in many PvE and PvP game modes. However, we highly recommend players to follow the quest to experience the full storylines of their characters.


Q: Can you explain more about Season 1?

A: RoE season 1 will happen around the Lakelands, where people face a double crisis of a demonic plague and a war on the brink of happening.


Q: Explain more about Alpha version release?

A: The Alpha version will be released at the end of December 2022.

●          Supporting up to 5,000 CCU (concurrent users).

●          A map of 10-square miles in size

●          Featuring: 6 Race Playable Characters; 50 Public Quests; 20 Hidden Quests; 30 species of Monster; 3 Medium Boss; 1 Huge Boss; 2 Villages; 1 City; 35 NPCs; playable characters of all races; crafting – mining – harvesting – fishing function; demo some Destiny; Demo of war for land ownership.


Q: What are different ways to earn the in-game currency?

A: You will earn gold coins as rewards for completing main quests, fighting monsters, or from tax collected in territory. In general, most activities in-game will reward you with these gold coins. The gold coins are used to exchange for gems, paying fees for crafting, etc...


Q: Do we earn $RETH for the in-game Quests or any other tasks?

A: No, not directly. But you can manage to craft valuable NFT items fand sell the items on the marketplace for $RETH. Or you can solve secret quests or uncover hidden treasures to get rewards and exchange for $RETH.


Q: Will $RETH be used for any in-game activities/purchases apart from serving as a Governance token?

A: No, there won’t be a direct use of $RETH for in-game activities. Apart from governance, it can only be used for trading NFTs on the marketplace.


Q: Is $RETH DAO? If yes when is the plan to transform?

A: Yes. Tentatively when the game is launched


Q: Will there be regular updates, or will there only be seasonal updates?

A: Major updates will be seasonal with themes and new main quests. Minor updates (E.g: bug fixes) will be regular.


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